Quality Management

In working environment with increasing working speed, steady rising demands on products and employees, as well as necessity to develop a higher degree of mental flexibility it is absolutely essential to focus on customer requirements. Taking into consideration the amount of information it is a respectable personal challenge for us, employees of the company. And it is an interesting assignment to process and interpret relevant data in such a way so that all employees are able to work target-oriented.

So we have decided to obtain a Quality Management Certification based on specifications of DIN ISO9001:2015 through an accredited company. The target is a regular, disinterested and appropriate control of a management system. Especially under the aspects of “process-oriented approach” and claim to better understanding of the total context of organisation through management.

As a customer of Layer-Chemie you can be sure that we really focus on the following aspects:

  • customer satisfaction
  • steady improvement
  • protection of product quality
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